Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities

Alert: Tell Your Senators It's Time to Restore Our Federal Forests

Alert: Tell the BLM's O&C Draft Resource Management Plans Fall Far Short - tell the BLM and Congress!

We are a grassroots coalition created to support Congressional action on a comprehensive and permanent solution to restore the health of our rural communities and federal forest lands. 

We support a lasting solution that assures active, sustainable forest management, stable revenue sharing for local governments, healthier forests, and more jobs in our rural, forested communities.  

For far too long our elected officials in Washington, DC have avoided finding real solutions to the challenges facing our forests and local communities.  

With your help, we can make a difference to restore the health of our rural communities and forests.  Join our coalition, and urge Congress to pass a solution for our federal forests and rural communities today.

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  • commented 2015-09-19 19:36:45 -0700 · Flag
    I have 50+ years in the woods and also a district forest fire warden with the n.j. forest fire service something has to be done to thin and haul out just not cut and leave on the forest floor.
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    Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities